Aihara hudemoji kaisho (Handwritten Japanese brush fonts)

藍原筆文字楷書 藍原筆文字楷書

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About fonts

There are free and shared versions of "Aihara hudemoji kaisho".
The free version can type hiragana, katakana, symbols (some), educational kanji (1006 characters) + α (124 kanji that may be used for seasonal greetings), and numbers, for a total of 1414 characters.

The share version can type 7,075 characters in addition to the free version, including alphabets, half-width alphabets, some half-width symbols, JIS first- and second-level kanji, and other kanji.

Please check the sales page for the characters included in the shared version.

This font was created based on handwritten text by Aihara Kanata.

Therefore, the letters may be incorrect.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the fonts.
No complaints or complaints will be accepted. Please do so at your own risk.

Fonts are subject to improvement and distribution termination without notice.
Please use with understanding and acknowledgement.

The fonts are produced using TTEdit from Musashi Systems (

Font Terms of Use

You can use the fonts as long as you adhere to the following conditions.
By downloading or purchasing fonts, you agree to the terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions may change, so we ask that you check them each time you use the site.


①Font Advertising

If possible, please introduce the font on your social networking sites.

②No usage report is required

Reporting on the use of the fonts is not required, but we would like to know how the fonts are being used, so reports themselves are welcome.

When reporting, please provide a URL for reference and the images you used.

③Request to purchase a shared version

Although a free version of this font is available, a great deal of time and effort has gone into creating the font.
If you like the font, please purchase the share version.

※Please make sure to check the operation with the free version before purchasing.
Refunds are not available for downloadable products.

〇Differences in Inputtable Characters

Free version Hiragana, Katakana, some symbols, numbers, educational Kanji (1006 characters),
124 Kanji characters that may be used for seasonal greetings
Shared version In addition to the contents of the free version, alphabet, half-width alphabet, half-width symbols (some), JIS first- and second-level kanji, and other kanji
藍原筆文字楷書 藍原筆文字楷書

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(Latest: Version 6.00)


The fonts are copyrighted by Aihara Kanata, who created them.
Falsifying authorship, redistribution, selling the font itself, modifying it, or bundling it with software is prohibited.

※Embedding in a web system is also prohibited, as it is the same as bundling with software.

You may use it to create a logo, but you may not register it as a trademark.

●Regarding Commercial Use

Commercial use is allowed, but text-based designs are prohibited for commercial use.

Q. What does "No text-based designs with respect to commercial matters" mean? Can I make novels or haiku collections?

A. Novels and haiku collections are purchased for the content of the writing and haiku, not for the font style.

Examples of prohibited items include the sale of calligraphy books using the Aihara hudemoji kaisho, the sale of hanging scrolls, and the sale of products with a solid font and no other design elements.

If you are in doubt, please contact us in advance.

As mentioned in the prohibition above, it is prohibited to falsify the author, redistribute, sell the font itself, modify it, bundle it with software, incorporate it into a web system, or register it as a trademark. redistribution, selling the font itself, modifying it, bundling it with software, incorporating it into a web system, or registering it as a trademark are prohibited.

●Regarding font users

Only those who have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms of Use for the free version may use the fonts.
For the share version, only the person who has read, understood, and agreed to the terms of use and purchased the font can use the font.
If more than one person uses the font, please purchase enough for the number of people.


If you have any questions regarding the use of this product, please contact us using the mail form.

※The reply will be sent using a translation tool.

Aihara hudemoji kaisho

○『Aihara hudemoji kaisho』(Free version Latest:ver.3.05、Share version Latest:ver.6.00)
Font sample Font sample

難解な漢字や一部異体字も入力可能に! 難解な漢字や一部異体字も入力可能に!

動画のテロップにもおすすめです 動画のテロップにもおすすめです

Font sample Font sample

※Sample Example Sentences 手紙の書き方大事典

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↓If you like the font or want to use more characters, please purchase the share version!

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